Last night’s snow marks the beginning of winter and the official end of our third season. It’s been an exceptional year, with the launch of our second rooftop farm in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, our apiary, and the expansion of our team to four full-time employees. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that three seasons have already come and gone and that we’ve grown and sold over 60,000 pounds of fresh produce to our neighbors.

During the warm months it’s hard to take a moment, step back, and recognize how much great stuff is happening at our urban farm and in the New York City food and farming community as a whole. But now that the farm is blanketed with snow, tucked in for the season, we can take a look back at what we’ve done, check in with friends, and make plans for the year ahead.There are lots of exciting projects in the works, and we’re giddy with anticipation of all the good things to come!

As for now, we’re working on locking down our market and CSA schedule for the upcoming season, and if you’re interested in joining the CSA or getting updates about other projects please feel free to sign up on our mailing list here.

Stay warm out there, farmers!



  1. Hi! We’re French landscape planners and we are beginning a project of urban agriculture in the town of Nantes, in France. Please let me know about any interesting information about your roof farm or other experiences and projects. Is it possible to visit the farm and learn more about it (especially technical information about the roof, the organization …) Thanks a lot and maybe we’ll try to come to visit you in spring or summer 2013. Best regards. Anne-Sylvie Bruel – Atelier de Paysages Bruel-Delmar

  2. Anastasia says:

    Hey Anne-Sylvie, thanks for your email! Check out our about page for technical info on our roof and the story of how we got started, and stay tuned for our visiting hours when we reopen to the public in the Spring!

  3. don gazara says:

    I have an old friend , who like me , graduated from the UK. Now as me, lives and run a few companies here. One of them is coco ( coconut hust) value add products to grow a seed in a coir capsule, a very tiny one. whcih also can be embeded in natural liquid feiliser.

    I feel that you may be – my thoughts-

    if so pls mail me and I will get him to mail their website

    Don Gazara

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