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Our tea lineup this year -- stock up now and block those winter blahs!

BG Heirloom tomato and horseradish bloody mary mix!

Our tea lineup this year — stock up now and block those winter blahs!

December is upon us, and we’ve launched our awesome farm product lineup at the Brooklyn Flea’s Gifted Holiday Market. We’ve been busy little elves and we’ve got goods galore to stuff the stockings of your loved ones this holiday season.  Swing by the market over the weekend or head directly or pre-order a gift box below.

This year we are offering two really special boxes for $50 each! They are:

The “Naughty” box: Farmer Flanner’s Hot Sauce, a 26oz jar of Grange heirloom tomato bloody mary mix, a jar of salsa verde, a jar of farm-fresh Spice Rub, Hopi Tobacco Seed, dried hot-as-heck habanero Seeds, and a cotton T-Shirt!

The “Nice” box: Brooklyn Grange herbal dried loose tea blends including our Calming Tea and our Cold Tea, a beautiful beeswax candle, a jar of eggplant caponata or heirloom tomato sauce, sunflower and other seeds, beeswax lip Balm, T-shirt, and our organic farm-grown fragrant potpourri!

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Don’t live nearby?  No problem!  Order a gift certificate online and we’ll mail it directly to your loved one!

We’ll also be selling BK Grange Farmstand Gift Certificates – redeemable at any of our 2013 Farmstands – for the veggie lover in your life! Order these by 12/18 to have them arrive by 12/24!

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BG Heirloom tomato and horseradish bloody mary mix!

One new product we’re all pretty excited about is our Brooklyn Grange Bloody Mary mix. This is a must-have item for New Years Day!  We milled sweet heirloom tomatoes with herbs, spices, a touch of hot pepper and farm-fresh horseradish — the first we’ve ever grown — to craft a mix that’s bright, tangy and full of flavor!  Drink it straight or mix it with vodka and garnish with a Brooklyn Grange pickle for maximum farm-fresh effect!


farm fresh urban agriculture rooftop farm nyc holiday gift stocking stuffer organically grown heirloom non-GMO foodie

This year's tasty spice rub

Our spice rub this year has beautiful floral notes and just a whisper of heat.  Use it on gamey meats like your Christmas goose or a rack of lamb, or sprinkle atop roasted root vegetables!  And don’t forget to pick up your tea, lip balms and tinctures to fight those winter blues till we can pack your crisper with produce again in spring!



Here’s a full list of Brooklyn Grange holiday farm products:

-Honey (LIMITED quantity available, come early!)
-Heirloom tomato sauce
-Hot Sauce
-Salsa Verde
-Eggplant Caponata
-Brooklyn Grange Grown Loofah shower sponges
-Beeswax Lip Balm
-Herbal Teas – calm, soothe, detox
-Spice rub / Herb Blend
-Tinctures (propolis, dandelion, lion’s tail, and calendula)
-Tote bags

See you this weekend!


Sat 12/8, Sun 12/9, Sat 12/15 & Sun 12/16
10am – 6pm 

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