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Farmer Training
Brooklyn Grange is New York’s leading urban farm education center, and has trained hundreds of young farmers since we opened in 2010. We are committed to sharing our knowledge with others, and to preparing the next generation of urban farmers for success by teaching important skills through a hands-on education program. If you are interested in becoming a Brooklyn Grange trainee and have two days a week (Mon – Sat) to spend up on the farm, please introduce yourself by filling out an application online!  This program is free of charge.
Workshops and Classes
From beekeeper education, to composting to flower arranging, we offer a wide variety of paid workshops and classes, as well as a season-long apiary program on the farms. Check out our events calendar to find out about upcoming workshops, and click here to learn more about our beekeeper education program.
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Refugee and Immigrant Program
In collaboration with the Queens-based Refugee and Immigrant Fund (RIF), Brooklyn Grange has trained several refugees from Africa, Asia and Central America/Mexico, who bring with them cultural and agricultural traditions that enhance our farming practices and our community at the farm. Participants get work experience and build their resumes, as well as engage in therapeutic horticultural activities that allow them to escape the hustle and bustle of New York, their new home city.
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City Growers
Youth education is highly valued at Brooklyn Grange, and for that reason we supported the founding of City Growers, a non-profit education program based on our rooftop farms. Since its founding in 2011, City Growers has brought over 10,000 children and young adults to our farms for educational excursions and workshops where they learn about earth science, nutrition, and environmental sustainability. Visit
Special Classes and Curricula
Brooklyn Grange’s team of Principles lead workshops, seminars and semester-long courses on-site at our farms, as well as in the classroom and the conference room. We’ve designed curricula and lesson plans, and taught courses for colleges and universities including New York University and Ontario’s Willowbank School, as well as green roof industry leader Green Roofs for Healthy Cities. For more information, write to