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Brooklyn Grange Bees, AKA BGBees, is what we affectionately call our Apiary division.  What’s an apiary?  Just a fancy term for a bee farm!  But our take is maybe a bit different from the traditional country model in that it’s located on multiple rooftops throughout NYC.  Featuring over 30 hives, the apiary produces loads of honey each year. Comb honey, wax, propolis, pollen – BGBees has it all.

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In addition to hive products, Brooklyn Grange Bees hosts a beekeeping training program, training new beekeepers to keep their own colonies. While honey, hive products, and bees are our bread and butter, our core mission also includes spreading knowledge of these amazing creatures and increasing their numbers in the face of the chemical threat posed by commercial agriculture.  Not only are we breeding local bees, we are breeding local beekeepers!

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And if you are looking to have a beehive installed at your location, we offer a full range of beekeeping services.  From a basic hive setup all the way to seasonal maintenance and instruction, BGBees can get you or your company into the amazing world of urban beekeeping.

For information please email chase@brooklyngrangefarm.com

Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm