Brooklyn Grange’s farmers manage our rooftop farms with great care and adhere to organic standards. We divert organic waste from dozens of different channels to create compost which continuously replenishes and brings fresh biodiversity to our soil. We’re particularly proud of our crisp, colorful, ever-evolving salad mixes and our sweet heirloom tomatoes in the peak of the summer season. Our hens are particularly proud of their big, orange-yolked eggs.

Every year we experiment with a few new crops, while nurturing our reliable perennials, which come back every spring. Year-round our urban farms are covered with greenery and provide an edible oasis for local nature lovers and foodies.

Learn more about what we grow, and where you can find our food!


brooklyn grange tomatoes

Our favorite crops that we grow year after year:

Salad Mixes
Our greens mix is a fresh blend of spicy mustards, sweet lettuces, bitter chicories, and bright colors. Our signature mixes evolve throughout the year, depending on which leaves prefer cool weather, warm weather, and varying sunlight. Kales, chicories, and spinach survive the winter, and pop up sweet and crisp in the early spring.  We also grow fantastic roquette arugula and super spicy ruby streaks as stand-alone crops.

Our microgreens are a great winter greenhouse crop!  We harvest both at micro size as well as a slightly larger size, when the crops have put out one or two sets of true leaves.  From spicy radishes and lime green streaks to nutty mizuna and crunchy sunflowers, these super flavorful and nutritious baby shoots are a favorite of chefs.

Sungolds, black krims, pink brandywines, rainbow pineapples, and (our favorite) black cherries. We sell heirloom tomatoes throughout July, August, and September in various shapes, colors, and sizes. We can hardly keep refilling pints of mixed cherry tomatoes before they fly off the table at our weekly farm stands.

Sweets, hots, and right in the middle! Bell pepper, hungarian hot wax, habañero, aji dulce (habañeros without the crazy heat!), shishito, and various other seasoning peppers.

Everybody’s loving kale these days, and we do too! We grow several different varieties including curly red and green bore, gorgeous red russian and nutty lacinato!

We have proven that you don’t need more than 12″ of soil to grow super sweet carrots in a rainbow of colors; tender white hakurei (also known as Tokyo) turnips; crisp, spicy french breakfast and cherry belle radishes, and even purple potatoes!

Cooking local veggies is no fun without some extra herbal kick. Our herbs include good old standbys such as thyme, sage, mint, rosemary, and several varieties of basil.  We also dabble in lovage, parcel, lavender, chives, chervil, lemon verbena, anise hyssop, fresh green coriander, bronze fennel fronds, and the Italian delicacy, agretti.

Other Seasonal Vegetables
We grow a variety of other seasonal vegetables. Depending on the time of year, you’ll find strawberries, chard, peas and shoots, head lettuces, pac choi, beans, ground cherries, eggplant, tomatillos, cucumbers, squash and maybe even a melon or two. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for our cut flowers and bouquets!


Brooklyn Grange Hot Sauce

Brooklyn Grange’s Rooftop Hot Sauce is made from peppers and herbs picked fresh from the farm and thrown straight into the kettle!  Our recipe is spicy enough to tingle the taste buds but won’t overpower your huevos rancheros, and packed with flavor!  Organic vinegar lends a subtle tang to our sauce, and herbs from the field add floral and savory notes.  Finally, a specially selected mix of hot and sweet peppers makes ours a perfectly balanced blend.  Caution: this stuff is addictive!  Luckily, it’s available May through October at our markets, and year-round at the following local and online retailers:



For wholesale customers looking to purchase our hot sauce by the case, please contact us at